Pokecraft Minecraft PE Mode Unlocked Mod


Pixelmon game mode to play pokemon go duel in minecraft. Find your pikachu.
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November 15, 2022
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Pokecraft Minecraft PE Mode Unlocked Mod

Play this pixelmon game mode to bring the best Pokemon Go experience in Minecraft PE. It has lots of game features providing best POGO gameplay in Minecraft. You can catch any digimon – Pikachu, Mew or any others. Catch Pokemon with Poké balls and evolve them in the new pixelmon mode for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Spawn Professor Oak to get your first Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Carmander or Squirtle) and Pokécoins. Then you need to hunt WildPokémons to get more coins. Use them to buy items you need from Pokémart.

Pokemon home now contains a lot of digimon – Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur Charmander Charmeleon Charizard SquirtleMew Wartortle Blastoise Caterpie Metapod Butterfree Weedle Kakuna beedrill pidgey pidgeotto pidgeot rattata Raticate Spearow Fearow Ekans Arbok Pikachu Raichu and many others.

Any of your friends form pokedex can be upgraded up by giving them Rare Candy. It will evolve at correct levels to gain special abilities. Increasing level increases HP and attack damage. Maximum level is 50.

Catch rate is different depending on many parameters, so purchase as many Pokéballs as possible. Owning rare high level Pokemon will not be an easy task! All of the pokes has their own abilities. Be sure to try them all!

Discover the whole new pixelmon world and make your MinecraftPE new home for your favourite poke. Pogo game awaits!

The app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved neither associated with Mojang. All pokemon games digimon used for fun only!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.


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